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Movie Still - Jeff Kipnis leading the studio led us to some very interesting results. Here collage and stop-motion combine to describe the multiple views and characters of the "seahorse" duplex.
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Masterplan - Each duplex and triplex has a figural axis, which remains open and expresses a character. These characters interact with one another and can be paired as dopelgangers through the manipulation of space between them. It is the expansion of space combined with the figural axis that informs the masterplan.
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Masterplan - Topography idealized to enable a multitude of interactions between all of the duplexes and triplexes.
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Seahorse Crab Strongman Dove Scorpion Spaceship - Multiple characters and ontologies are brought about in the two architectures and their relationships with each other. Resulted from a studio led by Jeffery Kipnis, Fall of 2011 at the Knowlton School of Architecture.

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