premium fundraiser seet - This is a fundraiser sheet. Since it was to be used by children, I made it color-coded and used mainly primary colors making it easy for even young children and those with limited reading skills to navigate.
Cell Phone Photo Charm fundraiser sheet - This fundraiser sheet was based on the premium sheet seen in this set. I used the same color pallet but on a white background. This made putting together future sheets much quicker as all our products are photographed on a white background and don't require clipping paths for this sheet. They would for the other sheet. Since it was to be used by children, I made it color coded and used basic colors making it easy for even young children and those with limited reading skills to navigate.
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Sales Program Brochure - This piece was designed to print on legal sized paper. The chart on the inside spread is an imported Excel spread sheet. The cells were colored to illustrate the regular, bronze, silver, gold and diamond volume pricing structures for the product. I did all the photography and photo editing as well as the layout of this piece.
Trade Show Teaser - This piece was mailed to registered attendees of a major international trade show prior to the show. The inside spread features twenty one of our best-selling products. The grid layout helps keep the overall design balanced without being symetrical, which can sometimes be a bit boring.
PPA Promotion sheet - This was a flyer sent to members of a national organization of professional event photographers. I put together a collage of various events such as weddings, proms, recitals, sporting events from photos provided by members of the company and placed a business card featuring product for contact info.The back features an Excel spreadsheet with a special pricing structure put together for attendees of a particular upcoming trade show along with info regarding the place and time of the show.
Pet Lover's Stuff - This sell sheet is a showcase for our products dedcated to the pet lover. It was used to pitch our products to pet suppliers and others with an interest in this particular niche market.
Haloween pins sell sheet - This sheet features a line of hand painted halloween pins that were pitched to a particular buyer for a particular chain of country stores. It was designed to be a "teaser sheet" e-mailed with pricing info in the body of the e-mail. I was careful to make sure the pins were all correctly sized in proportion to one another.
Journey Collection sell sheet - I designed the packaging and the display for this collection, as well as coming up with the tag line, "Our Journey will last Forever" I also photographed the product and edited the image files, adding the "sparkles" in Photoshop.
Sell sheet for breast cancer awareness photo bracelet - This sheet was one of the first I designed for this employer. Since both owners are cancer survivors, as are several members of their families, promoting cancer awareness is very important to them. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this and other such jewelry is donated to charities promoting research and support to cancer patients and their families. People wear them as a tribute to loved ones who've battled cancer.
Sent With Love sell sheet
Oversized product brochure - This was a 6 panel brochure. The layout was based on an existing style guide. The text was sent in a Pagemaker file but, since the company I was working for didn't have Pagemaker, I had to re-type the entire piece. I also did all the photo editing including placing the product digitally in the model photos.

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