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Mary Jo Matsumoto Infinity Clutch catalog - This 12 page catalog was laid out to Mary Jo's specifications. As such, it was more of a production piece for me. Because it was to be printed on a home printer, I had to create 2 page spreads that were not consecutive, ie a spread with pages 3 and 10, 4 and 9, etc and save them as PDFs. The entire catalog was laid out in InDesign.
Tinted prints catalog page - This was part of a multi-artist catalog put together while I was in school. The photographs, as well as the colorization and the page layout, were my concept and creation.
Product Catalog 1st edition - This was the catalog that launched our company's product line to a worldwide audience in 2006.
Henri Lou online catalog - These are 2 pages from an online PDF catalog I designed. I also did the photography and photo retouching on most of this product line.

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