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2008 SoCal Bike MS pledge sheet - This was a pro bono project I did for the Southern California chapter of the National MS Society. They provided the Walk MS event pledge sheet as the basic layout but wanted the colors and graphics to compliment the Ride brochure's overall look and blue color scheme. I was provided with a number of image files from the previous year's ride to use. Based on their criteria, I presented the 2 layouts show above. They chose the 2nd option.
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2008 Holiday Fundraiser Card - This card was designed as an invitation-styled card. It is a non-folded card with text on one side only. Since it was printed in-house, the Society wanted it as simple and cost-effective as possible. The background graphics and stylized MS logo are my design. The text was provided by the Society. They also specified the font styles and sizes used for this piece.
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2009 Bike MS Pledge Sheet - The MS Society So Cal Chapter asked me to duplicate the 2008 sheet but use different images. I decided to make it a bit different, changing the color of the text box on the left to white. This allowed me to make the tire tracks black, giving the logo more impact than with the white tracks from the 2008 sheet. Several of the images are also seen in the Photo Retouching people set.
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Bike MS ad re-do - This was purely production. The existing ad was sent as a flat document so re-sizing to different proportions was a bit more challenging. The text had to remain where it was but I did darken the "MS" so it would stand out more. The elements on the bottom were moved and resized in Photoshop.

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