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Tibetan Association of Southern California newsletter - This is a single page newsletter that was mailed to donors. The Association sent me a 2 page Pro Publisher document and asked me to re-design it. I cut the photos from 12 to 6 and save them as jpegs. They were edited in Photoshop. I designed the new piece to be a self-mailer, saving the Association the cost of envelopes. The graphic on the info side was found on a stock image site and provided the overall colors for the piece. The 4 objectives were found on the Association's website.
ASARI Newsletter - I was asked to redesign the bi-monthly newsletter for an auto mechanic professional oragnization. I was responsible for the layout of each issue for the next year. I looked for illustrations of auto mechanics and tools to use as filler material. I also downloaded funny cartoons to use. I felt the humor gave the publication a bit of a friendlier personality.

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