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virginal full space - A 'virginal full space', a volume, comparable to the block of stone with wich a sculptor begins and that ends up as his work of art. The inhabitant digs out his own living environment, like a mole digs its nest from a mass of dirt.
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"sorry, this chair is taken"
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100% unfolding chair LCW - Eames was one of the first to press 2D plywood in 3D objects using high-tech production methods. I reverse this idea.
Eames moulded his foldings, I unfold Eames his mouldings.
The material in which you do this isn't relevant. The chair has become a
flat surface therefore it can be printed on any flat material .
The advantage of this 'un-folding" is that you can put your LCW up against
the wall and save space for an other 'design-classic'.

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