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Concepting 1 - Brief: Develop a logo exudes quality and stands out from the crowd. Nothing is out of line in the initial concept phase but all of the solutions must be unique and nothing like what is currently available.

This is one of a multitude of sketch pages I did while developing the logo for D&F Co.

I researched competitors to see what made them stand out. I researched colors associated with freshness, cleanliness, and hypoallergenic products.
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Concepting 2 - This is a second page of sketch concepts. All sketches were done on 8x11 inkjet paper to create the fine details this brand called for.
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Initial Illustrator renditions - Once I developed the main character of the logo my client then took it and created a name plate if you will. The trees and hills in the background were an integral part of the brand image this client is trying to present.
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Final Logo - After seeing what my client was striving for I then altered the hills to become mountains and the sparse trees to become a forest.

The diving goose is becoming an iconic symbol for high quality goose down pillows and feather beds.

You can visit their site at


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