A Car for Generation Y - Manual Sketch of a car for a demanding and trendy youth market.
BMW 1 series coupe - An exploration into the 'look and feel' of BMW. Embodied here in a proposal for a 1 series coupe (3door version)
Ford Thunderbird - Proposal for Spiritual Successor of the 1955 Ford Thunderbird for more detail visit www.a-jay.net
Multi Activity Cabriolet - This is an idea for a Multi Activity Cabriolet that has been designed for Single Professionals, who like to spend their leisure hours in pursuit of outdoor Activities.

The retractable soft top acts gives the car the practicality of a pick-up for the storage of sporting hardware, while giving the car the appeal of a Cabriolet
Car in 3D - An exposed spaceframe construction forms the base car that can be upspeced for different markets.

Corrugated panels is a low cost solution to the problem of structural rigidity. The bonnet is a blow moulded plastic cover that has cut outs that provides access to the release mechanism & is a place to grip the engine cover.
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Touring Car - Road version of a Touring Car for Racing Series to be launched soon.

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