Asus Optimus Transforming Laptop - A laptop that can transform physically and functionally to cater to the dual nature of Application Sales Engineers (ASE).
Market/Inspiration - Application Sales Engineers (ASE) generally consists of males ranging from ages 25-45. They juggle between a career highly involved in cutting edge hardware and rendering software and a lifestyle highly immersed in science fiction. Observation into the market’s life-style led to inspiration being drawn from the 2007 summer film Transformers. The concept lies on the Yin and Yang aspect of the transformation the market under-takes to cater between their professional and personal lives.
Ideations - Earlier sketches were aimed at designing an aggressive, futuristic, robotic looking laptop. Another issue was to design a laptop with the transformation capabilities to reflect the dual nature of the market. The final sketches narrowed down the design to contain the following features: ergonomic split keyboard, mini LCD screen.) tablet capability, 5 adjustable modes, and detachable Monitor.

Transformations: 5 Different Modes - The laptop can be transformed into 5 different modes: laptop, tablet, workstation, notebook and video. Each mode caters to the different needs of the user, providing utility and allowing versatility.
Keyboard/Secondary LCD - The Optimus laptop is built with a secondary LCD screen which can be operated simultaneously with the primary screen. The keyboard is ergonomically split and angled for ease and comfortable use.

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