I am currently a BA Product Design student at the University of Derby. I am a very motivated student trying to give myself the best chance of becoming a Product Designer, throughout university I hope to improve my skills in sketching, CAD, prototyping and knowledge in the world of manufacturing and product design. Very interested in developments in the possibilities of 3D printing and would be very interested in any possibilities of gaining extra first hand experience in the world of product design both inside and outside my University course.

Work Samples

  • Concept Hairdryer

  • Well-Being Clock

  • Lux Light


  • University of Derby

    • BA Product Design Product Design
    • 2011 - 2014

    A three year course where I will learn the main aspect that go into product design and throughout the three years will produce my own work for the University and outside companies. My skills in Sketching, concept work, CAD, Photoshop, manufacturing and model making will all be improved to gain my BA degree.