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Concepts for an RC post apocalyptic vehicle!
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Final design for post apocalyptic tank
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Flip Force. I headed up the design and design direction for this product range. Flip force is an innovative toy that 'flips' from one vehicle to another. I was responsible for many of the vehicle designs playset designs and graphics along with over all direction of contractors, package designers, illustrators, factories and model makers. This truly was a global effort with contractors/ inventors and factories in three time zones needing to be coordinated. This sheet shows the basic mechanism and one of the final vehicle designs i created along with a representation of the entire vehicle range. Contributions from Brian Gulassa and Shane Nakamura are shown in smaller vehicle range images.
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Flip force. This sheet shows the vehicles I designed for the flip force range (apart from credited dump truck). Two color ways were necessary. Once for stand alone car packs and one for inclusion in play sets
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Flip Force. This sheet show sketches for another format of mechanism used in flip force. This particular format did not make production
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Here's all the finished toys and blister package for the single car SKU (designed by Design Force Inc) with some concept sketches I did for a couple of the play sets.
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This sheet shows all of the packaging and art assets used in display and promotional material. Packaging design came from Design Force and the fantastic illustration came from Dynamo in the UK with touch up from our HK ID team. I Art Directed this aspect of the toy line. I also spent many nights in HK rendering 3D grey scale renders for all of the illustrations to be drawn over.
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Concept Designs for remote control cars that use technology allowing them to track, chase and race one another.
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More concept designs for remote control cars. Hot rods baby!
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slight re-skin for new portfolio page
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Concept Designs for RC following a futuristic racing car theme.

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