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  • Alice Tedesco

    Eco Designer / Service.System.Product /

    Milano, Italy

I'm working as designer in retails, products, services and strategic areas that involves user experience. As you can see, I don't have a standard profile: curiosity makes me proactive and this brings me to improve, and getting better steadily. I'm looking for those people, companies, studios those have GIANTS DREAMS to join, and make them come true. Doesn't mater how far I have to go, if for short or long period!

Work Samples

  • Eco Design Products / Process Studies

  • Retails

  • Service Design for Business Innovation

Work History

WORK EXPERIENCE Biovagando.it // www.biovagando.it (IT) // PR Manager & Ecodesigner Research and Development of Market Analysis, brief implementation and service analysis. SEO data and research support. Copywriting and Newsletter management, implementation and definition of on-line and off-line PR strategies. Escooh Srl // Sustainable Kitchen & Contract , Favara (IT) // Brand manager & Ecodesigner Off-line and online strategies for green business development; team coordinator, event planning, B2B meeting and presentation design. Products Research and Development, support and implementation of market strategies. Rodolfo Dordoni, Dordoni Architetti , Milan (IT) // Interior & Retail Designer (2014 - 2015) Luxury Retail & Interior Design. 3D Modelling & CAD techni- cal drawing development. Layout & Furniture development; customers and brand analysis. Design Innovation , Milan (IT) // Service Designer Research and implementation of brand strategies focused on advanced design methodology and customer satisfaction. Biomimicry approach on product development and presenta- tion design with data visualization, synthesis for presentation design. Dialogo Design , Rio De Janeiro (BR) // Product and Service Designer Green marketing and branding. Development of strategies for green business. Urban Furniture design and graphic design. CAD and 3D modelling and visualization. Presentation design. Materia Brasil + Engage , Rio De Janeiro (BR) // Product Designer Concept development and prototyping of sustainable furni- ture based on IT collaborative process. Whirlpool Latin America, Center For Sustainability , Curitiba (BR) // Service Designer & Researcher Research and Development of sustainable strategy for business innovation. User and market analysis, data visualization and presentation design. Development of new sustainable product service systems and prototyping. Federal University of Paranà ,Curitiba (BR) // Service Designer & Researcher Sustainable product service systems methodologies applied on social innovation project. Work and research on both: corporate and customer field. System Mapping, qualitative and quantitative applied research on field. La Pasticciona Delle Torte. Cake Design Shop , Palermo (IT) // Designer & Project Manager Concept development, technical drawings and models, prototyping, and supervision of the construction site and project set ups managing and coordinating of works. STUDIES Politecnico di Milano , Milan (IT) // Advanced Training Course in Food Experience Design Design for Sustainability, System Thinking design approach. Product development based on design by component. Theory based on Blue Economy concepts. System mapping, data synthesis and visualization. Quantitative & qualitative data mapping. Politecnico di Torino , Turin (IT) // MSc Ecodesign Design for Sustainability, System Thinking design approach. Product development based on design by component. Theory based on Blue Economy concepts. System mapping, data synthesis and visualization. Quantitative & qualitative data mapping. Federal University of Paranà , Curitiba (BR) // MSc Ecodesign // Final Thesis Project Master Degree Thesis Project : “Design Sopa. Mixing Sustainability and Social Innovation in Brazil”. One year of applied research on several case studies, about 40, to define the new trend in sustainable products services and social innovation related to design actions. Development of sustainable service and product system for B2B and B2C. User analysis and behaviour mapping; quantitative and qualitative applied research. Politecnico di Milano , Milan (IT) // BSc Industrial Design (100/110) Development of advanced design production, creation of functional mockups. Workshop on packagings development. Lectures based on fluid society, Life Cycle Assessment and material culture. Burgo Fashion Institute , Milan (IT) // Fashion Figurinist Diploma Fashion Figurinist Diploma, hand drawing and colouring techniques with mixed pantone and pencil use. Hard in: Oxs and Windows; Good knowledge of Photoshop for image editing and very good data managements and presentation deisgn with Illustrator. Basic knowledge in In / Pr / Ae. Advanced level in 3D & CAD: AUTOCAD / RHINOCEROS / SKETCH-UP. Advanced level in rendering with LIGHTWAVE / KEYSHOT and Office Pocket. Italian is my native language, I am fluent in Portughese and English, improving my basic level of French and Spanish. For further information take a look around or reach me by mail or linkedin Let's have a coffe, atdeeesign@gmail.com


UFPR # Ms Degree Thesis “Design Sopa: mixing sustainability and social innovation in Brazil”, real cases analysis. 2012/ 13 BR • POLYTECHNIC OF TURIN # Ms. Ecodesign 2010/ 13 IT • POLYTECHNIC OF MILAN # B. Industrial Design 2008/ 10 IT • ARCHITECTURE FACULTY # B. Industrial Design 2007/ 08 IT • ENGINEERS WITHOUT FRONTIERS # Coop. Course 2010 / 11 IT • ISTITUTO BURGO # Diploma Stylist 2006 IT • HIGHSCHOOL Ancient Latin and Greek 2002 - 07 IT



https://it.linkedin.com/in/alicetedesco http://www.alicetedesco.com/


• INTERNATIONAL EXPò Selected 2010 • MATERIA BRASIL / ENGAGE # Mineo Winner 2013 • W.T.O # Ecosan 2nd Prize