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And further in, lighting design & semiotics are discussed in board no.2 [Above]
A fun project in development, here I present a preview of the pavilion concept for the SONY BSP60 Smart Speaker. This is a three-part project meant to accommodate principles found of Industrial Design, Marketing, & Exhibit Design.

-Sony Pavilion Design by Amir S. Hamer, Speed render
Made in Autodesk Inventor
-Music: Summer in Paris ft Angunn (Nikitch Remix)
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This is the featured product of interest: The Sony BSP60 Smart Speaker.

Everything about the Pavilion Design must stem from the showcasing of the BSP60's features; why the BSP60 is special and a great purchase for anyone.
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Above, the consumer experience strategy is depicted visually. Board no.1 [Above] highlights how the BSP60 Pavilion will engage pedestrians externally.
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The Pavilion

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