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  • Andrea Gappmayer

    Curitiba, Brazil

Working at: coletivo A t A l h o and DIFAME.

Work Samples

  • Croquis Yoga

  • Alianca Empreendedora

  • Festa Gummy

Work History

FASHION - work as a fashion producer since 2007. - has a project with another 3 producers called Acervodemoda, founded in March, 2009. - has founded a brand called DIFAME with Clarice Cassou in May, 2007. ________________________________________________________________ FREELA - since 2005 to 2010. flyers, banners, posters, brochures, logos and business cards. ________________________________________________________________ AWARDS - If Concept Design Award - classificated in the nacional fase. In the studant category of 2009. With the project TECNO BLOC. A modular kitchen for smaller places, as loft's. ________________________________________________________________ EXTRA - Volunteer as a designer for Aliança Empreendedora. An ONG that develops all sort of work for small comunities. ________________________________________________________________ * For more information or complete Cv, send a request by e-mail.


Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná - PUCPR