I‘m an enthusiastic product designer with a technical background. For me as a designer with a technical background it‘s important to keep the manufacturing of the product during the design process in mind and I really like the challenge to find the best result for design and function with the boundary of the different manufacturing varieties. I like to switch between different tools during the whole design process like 3D CAD (more than 12 years experience), polygon-modeling, sketching, build mockups in the workshop and rendering fotorealistic 3D visuals. My favorite tools therefore are Photoshop, SolidWorks (3D modeling and shop drawings), Cinema4D (modeling, animation and rendering) and Octane render engine. I have extensive knowledge and many years of experience in 3D CAD workflow, CAM, CNC-milling, tooling for injection molding, rapid prototyping and many other manufacturing processes. I like to make rough sketches on paper or with my Wacom tablet and Photoshop before I start with CAD or Prototyping in the workshop.

Experience & Education