I have studied art since I can remember. I like to try new styles, but have a general all round style.

Work Samples

  • Digital colour

Work History

Education: Ferndown Upper School Fashion Textiles Photography Ferndown Upper School Foundation - Merit Cheltenham University Illustration I am currently in my second year at university at Cheltenham. I am working my way to writing and designing my own Graphic Novel 'Katana' Samurai inspired - hense the name. This includes Character design, storyboarding, plot writing, scenic design, prop design, promo pieces and any additional design. I am intending to create the first of about 4 novels with a hand made plush doll and extra promo posters and postcards. I have only recently started digitally colouring and drawing, at first i hated it, but i got use to it and now get frustrated doing anything else. I still have so much to learn but i feel im gaining new skills everyday. I am hoping to go toward making my own line of graphic novels, maybe get them into animation, the biggest dream would be a movie but that is a bit far...but i guess stranger things have happened. Que Sera, Sera whatever will be, will be


DeMontfort University cheltenham university