Public Service Announcement to spread awareness of Certified Organic food labeling for U.S. consumers.
Decided to combine a funky soundtrack with vintage style animation to convey a simple message within a contemporary context.

Filmed, produced, and animated by the Raw 7 for WTRG Design. Intended usage as a PSA for EcoNet Worth - a social media group that spreads awareness of ecological and social issues.
Motion Design/ Video Presentation of Apparel I designed for the Vault and Motion Boys.
Motion Design treatment to advertisement to present my clothing line
A promotional video shot by Danilo Lima, Natalia Castro, and myself to promote my clothing line - Chocolate Cake. I completed the Editing and composition in Adobe Premiere. And of course designed all the clothing.
Created this title animation using Adobe After Effects to accompany a brand/ story presentation for Grind + Prosper.
CKeL Copenhagen 2015

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