Volta Biz Card - Business card design for a vintage clothing store.
Grapes to Glass business card - Concept for a wine consultant business
Focus Wine Distributors business card - Focus is a start-up wine distrubitor in the Orlando area catering to boutique wines.
Griffin Technology Design logo - My start-up company featured the application of biometric technology for secured document transport reflected in the logo I designed.
Corvette /// Evolution - The driving simulator, Gran Turismo, features hundreds of cars including the Z06 and can be virtually modified with supercar performance. It was curious to see the 2007 debut of the ZR1 with features similar to those of a modified Z06 in GT4.

This was a poster I made for my dad as a father's day present.
"Double Damage"
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*MAJOR* Accuracy: Artist Trading Card - Trading card concept for my Unreal Tournament alias.

Artwork is created from screenshots taken during online gameplay.
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Concept poster design.
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BUSTIN 60 Concepts - This work embodies all of the concepts I submitted for a recent 1Hour design competition sponsored by Core77, Bustin skateboards, and Ponoko and also earned me 'king of the boards'.

The entry titled "Get a grip, alligator clips" was chosen for the award.

I <3 moonlight - An animated .gif I created from a long exposure image I shot of a full moon using my Nikon D60.
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Nidecker Composite - These are the concepts I submitted for a design competition sponsored by Nidecker.

Submitted images were for the top of the their snowboards.
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Skreech VW - My first love of automobiles dates back to my dad’s VW Rabbit which was passed down to me when I got my license.

I never really got to fully realize its true potential but, in my dreams, it kicked ass like a seven-legged ninja.
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These are some of my concepts for a recent logo design competition sponsored by Designboom and Moleskin.

I tried to express the mobility and connection with nature of the Moleskin product line.
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Modeled these in Rhino for fun.
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QR Code - Washroom Technology - The Clean Show is a bi-annual tradeshow for businesses in the laundry & dry-cleaning trades. I created a set of 3 conceptual QR Codes for us to use during this event. Unsatisfied with the rectilinear form of the QR Code I sought to manipulate them in a way that would complement the different core competences of JENSEN-GROUP. This sample has the QR Code embedded in a drop of water. It does take a bit of manipulation for it to work properly if scanning it from a digital display versus a hardcopy.
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QR Code - Flatwork Technology
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QR Code - Garment Technology

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