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Palm Tree-inspired wind generators which could provide energy and pump flood waters out to sea - For as long as there has been a "Florida" there has been a long history of high winds. This natural phenomenon occurs fairly regularly, is predictable and yet, as a renewable source of energy, has remained largely untapped.

However, the time will come when the winds in Florida will exceed NASCAR speeds.

These wind generators are inspired by a form known to WITHSTAND nature's fastest, most enduring winds...palm trees , which rule the beachline.

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Disney Wind Generator - Orlando, Florida is home to Disney World.

This region is also prone to high winds during hurricane season, which is a fairly regular, untapped, and powerful renewable resource.

This concept would have the capacity to harness high winds while also being a decorative sculpture.
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Ye Olde Draggin's Lair - Drag racing has long been a part of American culture traditionally dominated by big block V8's....
until the gas embargo of 1970's. That crisis forced drivers to seek cheaper speed thrills. It was only a matter of time until smaller displacement cars were able to match the performance of their bigger bored bretheren. Soon, the dragstrips will be sharing the pavement with alternatively powered vehicles and will begin a new era of racing performance.
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Mass Energy Generator - Parking Garage - The formula E=mc2 basically states that energy is the sum of mass in motion.

It is this formula which sets the premise of this concept of a parking garage being able to create energy through the motion of a car being lowered to the ground level.

The largest moving entity in America is transportation. And by harnessing transportation we can recover it as a source of energy.
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Mass Energy Generator - Parking Garage - Being able to see something that hasn't been seen before is easily one of the greatest challenges to design.

These sketches represent some conceptual design explorations to how I would pursue building several components of the M.E.G. parking garage.
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Idea to harness/recover energy of falling water thru architecture. One gallon of water = 8.3 lbs
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The events that have happened in Haiti aren't exclusive to Haiti. As such, I sought to approach the problem from a universal perspective and was guided initially by the 3-line rule for this particular 1-Hour designchallenge. This submission addresses the issues of emergency shelter by first having a shelter that is designed for the region and to also take into account that Haiti has almost entirely depleted their natural resources thus would require some outsourced / pre-fabricated / manufactured assistance.

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