Box Collective was formed with a few of my family members, a clan of DIY'ers always looking to fix and create. We are an innovative lot, appreciative of the process by which things are imagined and then formed into a finished piece. My grandmother taught me to sew--it became my connection with her. I know she would love that I am carrying on her craft. At Box Collective, our mission is to maintain a high standard by using quality materials and textiles. My garments must perform as they should in both form and function, the bases for good design. My adult children are the other parts of Box Collective--we collaborate on many ideas. My son (the wordsmith) by profession is managing copywriter for a major Florida based group of hospitals. He also freelances at "www.thislandishovland.com." He is a busy husband and father of two, a life-long surfer, likes working with wood, and is an adept fixer of whatever needs repair. My daughter is a college student (geology), loves dogs, works as a vet-tech. Currently she is incorporating her fondness for geology and metals into her jewelry making. She is forever experimenting and learning ways to improve her skills.

Experience & Education