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  • Carolina Ayerbe

    Process Oriented Designer

    Bogota, Colombia

I am currently the Design Manager at Ayerbe&Guzmán, which is an advertising and design agency, located in Bogotá, Colombia. It has four product lines: Identity, Printing, Digital and Media. The design manager coordinates design, administrative, strategic and financial processes that ensure customer satisfaction as well as effective internal operations.

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Carolina Ayerbe Designer Phone: 57-1-2251450. Mobile: 57-310-2883497. Email: carolinayerbe@yahoo.com MSN: carolina_ayerbe@hotmail.com Skype: carolinayerbe Blog in english: http://caroayerbe.blogspot.com Blog in spanish: http://disenoenbogota.blogspot.com Web (Personal): www.coroflot.com/carolina_ayerbe Web (LinkedIn): www.linkedin.com/in/caroayerbe Bogotá, Colombia. OBJECTIVE Bringing to the table my passion for communications and design and eagerness to collaborate with other creative people, my strong written and verbal communication skills, compelling organizational abilities in addition to an acute attention to detail and outstanding commitment, so that I contribute in achieving company's goals, as well as improving my leadership skills in new work teams related to different areas of design and communications. EXPERIENCE Tetra Pak Colombia, Design Department, Design Coordinator. November, 1999 – May, 2005. (www.tetrapak.com, www.tetrapak.com.co) Management: To carry the design process in a smooth and precise fashion, providing excellent service and current information to all the parties involved (Customers, colleagues and suppliers), as well as achieving an effective cost-benefit operation. • Created, adapted and documented all design procedures from 295 designs per year in 2000 to 1091 designs per year in 2004, until the factory was closed, and finally when the design activities were shared with the factory in Brazil. This mindset allowed for the department to adjust to the ever changing conditions of the market and the different stages of the local operation. • Achieved a 74% cost reduction in design materials (About US$5 mio in five years) by moving the design operation from USA to Colombia with the development of a local supplier. This translated into lower prices for the customers and positioned Tetra Pak Colombia as a successful leader in prepress processes to the eyes of the global group. • Kept control of the design operation by creating databases that provided up to date information to the supply chain and allowed me to be on top of things. Customer satisfaction: To lead initiatives with a “customer oriented” vision, that would ensure a grade of 4 or more (in the pre-order activities quadrant) in the “Customer Satisfaction Survey” carried out yearly and increase Tetra Pak’s competitiveness in the packaging sector. • Achieved and maintained a 99% effectiveness index in design lead times, despite a 64% increase in the number of designs per year, guaranteeing speedy order placement. • Implemented PDF design approval which eliminated courier and paper costs (Aproximately US$30.000 per year) for materials sent to the customers and contributed to delivering designs on time. • Once the factory in Bogotá was shut down, coordinated the transfer of designs to the factory in Brazil in three months (Half the estimated time), guaranteeing the uninterrupted packaging material supply for the customers and saving costs for the organization. Strategic activities: To be involved in and bring to the table the best practices of the company locally and on a global scale, in order to translate them into win-win situations and benchmarking opportunities for the company and its customers. • Developed training sessions with colleagues, customers, designers and staff in market companies, in technical issues related to package printing, in order to provide the knowledge to achieve a smooth operation in the design process. • Created a leading online strategy called “eDesign Colombia”, the first packaging related website which supported the training initiative. • Achieved the professional growth of my staff, by exercising regular leadership and feedback. Empowered them with new responsibilities that contributed to their current professional status. • Participated in global strategies such as the development of 3D software (Package Visualizer) that previews packages before the actual print. Also, contributed to the improvement of the global Design Manual and standardization projects. • Participated in local strategic activities such as the ISO 9000 certification and the Quality Maintenance Pillar which reduced losses (waste and claims) by means of TPM methodology. Net-Bridges, Designer. February, 2006 – August, 2006. (www.net-bridges.com) To design and implement the new corporate identity for the company, in all their communications materials, as well as for their sister company, TenExecutivesNet.com. • Created the logotypes and applied them to all marketing materials, from stationery to the website and newsletter. Marqas Inc, Knowledge and Innovation Unit, Brand Management Director. September, 2006 – May, 2007. (www.marqas.com) To lead the Knowledge and Innovation Unit in order to expand the product portfolio. • Set up and kept a system to manage intellectual capital including information libraries, digital file archiving and development of new products. • Reorganized the information of three years of operation, which reduced design lead times, optimized material search for new projects and became the foundation for new product launch. To work with the Production and Delivery Unit to ensure project delivery on time. • Implemented and documented a new design process. To collaborate with internal processes related to hiring and sales. • Provided personnel and information that contributed to Marqas’ project delivery on time and market expansion. Hombres de Barro, KAM International. August, 2007 – February, 2008. (www.hombresdebarro.com) To build and maintain commercial relationships with decoration and crafts customers in USA, Europe and Asia. Marqas Inc, Outsourcing Consultant. December, 2007 – March, 2008. (www.marqas.com) To recruit design personnel as well as other positions, according to the needs of the company and its culture. • Selected three candidates per position, for the directive team to choose from. • Delivered a comprehensive database of pre-interviewed candidates for ulterior use. Solinoff Corp S.A., R&D, Corporate Communications Director. April, 2008 – Currently. (www.solinoff.com) To create, coordinate, direct and divulge all visual communications material, from technical/commercial information to advertisement and internal communications, using all available media such as website, intranet, showroom, press, catalogs, etc., always ensuring correct identity application and its positioning. • Generated all techical/commercial information for all company products, procedures for their updating, training materials and sessions, so that all sales personnel have the required knowledge for specification and sales. • Work with the advertisement agency in identity application and graphic design of all communication pieces for internal and external purposes. • Create all graphic materials required for commercial presentations, furniture samples, results presentations and other events, reinforcing the company brand. • Support other company areas in their internal communications, by generating logos and different printed and digital graphic materials. Ayerbe&Guzmán, Consultant. Apr 2008 – Current. (www.ayerbeyguzman.com) To create and direct strategies for internal communication campaigns that include different media for several companies. To lead the creative team when designing packaging and printed material. To advice in administrative processes of the design business. EDUCATION Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Industrial Design, 1998. Emphasis in packaging, materials, production processes, structure and identity. Recognitions: o Winner of the Fifth Industrial Design Show Room Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Level Four, Graduation Projects. School Furniture for Informatics Classrooms. September 1998. o Participant in New Designers exhibition, Royal College of Art, London, England. July 1998. Colombia, Invited Country of Honor. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: o Fluent English in reading, writing and speaking; TOEFL CB 293/300. o Computer proficient in Macintosh and PC platforms, Photoshop, Freehand, Illustrator, InDesign, Corel Draw, Office, Pages and Keynote. o Read my articles about design in spanish: http://disenoenbogota.blogspot.com o Read my articles about design in english: http://caroayerbe.blogspot.com


Universidad Nacional de Colombia



www.linkedin.com, www.xing.com


- Winner of the Fifth Industrial Design Show Room Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Graduation Projects. School Furniture for Informatics Classrooms. September 1998. - Participant in New Designers exhibition, Royal College of Art, London, England. July 1998. Colombia, Invited Country of Honor.