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Lipton Teamaker (The Swan) - The swan is a tea maker that will fit perfectly at home or in the office. The strong brand identity conveys trust in its abilities to brew premium Lipton tea but it also helps in generating curiosity and attention towards the product. The simple and aesthetic lines give it a very clean look and together with the plastic and aluminum materials it serves well as a modern piece of technology.
Lipton Teamaker (The Tea Machine) - The tea machine is a celebration to the industrial revolution and is flirting with the idea of a steam engine tea maker. But it also connects with the proud history of Sir Thomas Johnstone Lipton who was born in Glasgow in the 1850's. The design is heavily influenced by locomotives of the time in details such as the fender on the backside as well as the lamp and steam pipe which both signals when the tea is ready. The tea machine is the perfect gift for any true tea drinker.
Lipton Teamaker (E.C.T.) - The E.C.T. (easy tea) is exactly what it claims to be. The easiest and fastest way to make quality tea. All you do is slide it open, scoop up some tea and place it in water. The heating mechanism will activate itself once it contacts water. After boiling the water and checking for the correct temperature it opens the hatch to the strainer and starts the diffusion. Once this is finished it closes up again so the tea remains fresh without bitterness.
Lipton Teamaker (The Tea Club) - The tea club is a new revolutionary way of brewing tea. Just fill the strainer compartment with tea, close it and drop it in a cup of water. The combination of materials as well as the soft shapes frames this exquisite high-tech device with a charismatic retro appearance. This all serves for a unique new way to prepare a cup of tea that can only be referred to as the "Lipton experience".

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