I am a retail designer and have worked in the industry for the past 5 years. With in this period I have developed a deep interest in the industry. Retail never stands still and it is constantly evolving to changes in our environment but also creating change. It challenges the way that we engage with consumers and with goods. I love immersing myself in the sector from reading about new technologies and materials to visiting stores. I can often be found wandering down Oxford Street, around East London or looking around museums and galleries for inspiration. I have worked in many sides of retail form being a sales associate to visual merchandising to retail design and I believe that this gives me a great insight in to the nature of the industry. I passionate about fashion and design and I believe that the nature of the two go hand in hand by looking at trends that occur with in fashion it has enabled my work in the luxury industry to push our clients retail design whilst maintaining their brand values. I am a self-motivated and hard working individual; I particularly enjoy working as part of a team and with a hands on approach. My main strengths are being able to understand brands this enables me to create a variety of responses to a brief that not only fulfil it but also can push it to the next stage which can inspire further ideas.


Featured in 200 Ideas for Bristol book: ‘Graffiti Panes’

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