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The Dreamer - Here be Monsters Exhibit @ Space Gallery, San Francisco, February 2011
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Sweet Tooth - Here be Monsters Exhibit @ Rokoko Gallery, Mesilla, New Mexico, April 2012
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Quintopod - Dream, Illustration for apparel - Quintopod | keen-toe-pod |

A frightened young girl whose defining characteristics are her five feet. Sure-footed as she may seem, her preferred method of transportation is floating.
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¡El Cucuy!, Illustration for apparel - El Cucuy is a mysterious shape-shifting creature who is compared to the American Boogeyman. Mischievous children are warned to behave or El Cucuy will come to get them. A simple, "Uy Cucuy" is enough to get the naughtiest of children to stop in their tracks.

Children ward off El Cucuy with a chant:

Translation: (Uy Cucuy! Uy Cucuy! You're not so bad! Get out! Get out! By where you entered!)
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La Llorona, Illustration for apparel - There are many folktales of La Llorona. Some stories claim she drowned her children when her husband left her for someone else. Another tale has it that her children accidentally drowned when she left them unattended to be with her lover.

La Llorona wanders up and down the Rio Grande throughout the southwest. Her wailing cries are haunting as she longs for her salvation for her children. La Llorona's tears fill the mighty river with waters that rage as they empty into the ocean.
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La Luna
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Ingestion - Dream Illustration
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Ingestion - Detail 1 - Dream Illustration
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Ingestion - Detail 2 - Dream Illustration

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