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  • Bart Vanden Heede


    Oostkamp, Belgium

ideation - creation - concept development - detailed design - 3d-modeling - illustration design - interactive presentation - digital sketching - hand sketching

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Work History

CoreConceptz closely co-operates with the client from the early ideation phase on. Untill strong conceptz are presented, one uses actual or virtual models, concept cards and handmade or digital sketches. All of these tools can be used to streamline processes of analysis or selection. All of the skills needed to create these tools can be delivered by CoreConceptz Whatever thing that is made or is to be made must go through a development phase, wheter it be as small and simple as a lighter, as big as a an office tower or as genious as a cleverly engineered pedestrian bridge. Whatever thing that is, can in that perspective be thought of as a 'product'. Developing products and presenting them is the core business of CoreConceptz. CoreConceptz alters the original idea of its clients (architects, enigineers, communication offices and other design-studios) from an in-imaginary jerk of the mind into to a virtual but clearly readable image, based on input like sketches, photos and technical drawings. All projects are 3D-based, in order to have the advantage of easy and fast analysis possibilities. Evaluation of every part of the design is always within reach, from analysing global impressions to examining specific details of complex structures. During most projects, an interesting interaction grows between client and performer. After the development stage is over, the detailed model is rendered and post-processed to generate powerful presentations for uses of communication and marketing. Future skills of expertise by CoreConceptz are yet to be discoverd in the near future!


Hoger Instituur voor Integrale Productonwikkeling, Antwerpen - http://www.designsciences.be/po/



Master in Product Development