Since an early age, I started reinterpreting my toys from parts of destroyed ones, and building new. At four years old I was crossing double way streets on my own -while my parents were on the edge of a heart stroke- in one of the craziest cities in the world. At five I was breaking records in space invaders while repairing my TV or the stereo. I’m a product designer that studied his Bachelors & worked in Mexico, then studied his Masters & worked in the Netherlands. Currently living in the UK, I like to work in projects that are exiting, challenging and meaningful. I don’t want to stay stagnant working in the same thing over and over. I like to be dynamic, always changing, staying out of the comfort zone. I learn fast and well, I’m adventurous and trust my guts, I like to do, build, repair, tweak, mod, carve, mill, cut, sand, and of course create. I like technology, electronics, and software. I love sports, especially football (soccer). I love arts, especially music & films. I play & build electric guitars, and I love everything that has to do with it (amps, effects, accessories, etc). I love languages, although I only speak Spanish, English and I’m learning Dutch. I’m sociable and relaxed, but serious and committed. I like long lasting relations with people. I have many acquaintances, many friends, many best friends, and luckily many non-blood-related family, and I like to incorporate people to my circles all the time. Contact me if you have a nice project, a challenging job, if you want some designer feedback, or simply to talk about how design will change the world, the latest video games, how Mexico kicked ass in the last World Cup, the ancient aliens theory, or anything you can think of.


Finalist in "Mexico City's taxi design" contest, 2008 Project "Cacto" published by Hometone.com, 2009 Relevant participant in "Electrolux Design Lab" design contest, 2008

Experience & Education