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  • Caroline Dalili

    Industrial designer

    Stockholm, Sweden

I'm a industrial designer focusing on user experience. I am very creative and eager to learn new things. Working with all aspects of design is a real treat, everything from illustrations and layouts to product development and 3D-modeling. As much as I enjoy working with the traditional pen and paper I abseluteley love computers. We understand eachother and I am quite tech savvy with programs and apps. Wether you are looking to hire someone like me or just want to say hi, I'd love it if you sent me an email or checked out my twitter!

Work Samples

  • Joystick

  • Switch - power strip

  • Zombieland

Work History

CURRICULUM VITAE CAROLINE DALILI Date of birth: July 14, 1986 Place of birth: Stockholm, Sweden Nationality: Swedish E-mail: caroline.dalili@gmail.com Portfolio: www.dalilidesign.com/portfolio.html Education 2012-2013: Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, 180 ECTS, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm 2010 Oct-Dec: Preliminary programming course, 3 ECTS, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm 2007 – 2010: Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design and Construction, 180 ECTS, Gotland University 2006 – 2007: Social Anthropology A-B, 52.5 ECTS, Stockholm University 2005: Team leader course for the Ellen-project in collaboration with Save the Children, Stockholm, Sweden 2005: Multimedia, Pedagogy, Technology, 15 ECTS, Stockholm University 2002 – 2005: Natural Science Program, 2500 points, High School of Danderyd Experience 2011 – 2012: Assistant at Burenstam & Partners, Stockholm, Sweden - Full time Description of duties: - Plan and execute major events, dinners and lunches. - Translation of technical text from Norwegian to Swedish. - Administrate intranet, website, document management, maintenance of printers etc. - Assist Financial Manager, Managing Director, Portfolio assistants and Financial advisors. - Purchase supplies, everything from fruit to toners. - Upholstered chairs 2010 Jan-Oct: Bachelor thesis (30 ECTS) including internship at Prodelox, Linköping, Sweden, in collaboration with Scandicraft AS, Moelv, Norway. 2009 Jun-Oct: Cashier at ICA Atterdags in Visby, Sweden - Summer job 2008 - 2009: Design collaboration and concept development for blister device in collaboration with AstraZeneca, Stockholm, Sweden 2008 Jun-Aug: Newspaper carrier at Premo, Stockholm, Sweden - Summer job 2006 – 2007: Cashier at Hemköp, Mörby Centrum, Stockholm, Sweden - Extra job 2006 Jun-Aug: Factory worker at Hydro Aluminum Plant, Årdal, Norway - Summer job 2004 – 2005: Assistant work at Carlsson bokförlag, book publisher, Stockholm, Sweden - Extra job 2002 – 2004: Cashier at Kvarnparksbadets kiosk, Danderyd, Sweden - Summer job Related skills Computer: Operating system: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS Design: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Flash CAID: Rhinoceros 4 (plug in: Maxwell, Hypershot), Autodesk Maya, SolidWorks General: Microsoft Office Language: Swedish, mother tongue English, good fluency in speech and writing Norwegian, spoken native fluency Spanish, intermediate Danish, intermediate Miscellaneous Grades, bachelor’s thesis, and references are gladly submitted if asked for. 2004: Driver’s license 1999-2001: Lived in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Studied at international school. 1996-1997: Lived in Copenhagen, Denmark. Studied at domestic school.


KTH Royal Institute of Technology Gotland University Stockholm University



Honorable mention Aluminium Design Awards 2009