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Top: Jinn Floor Plan

Bottom Pictures: Pendants that hang above the Bar, Banquet Seating Wall, Stools in the Waiting Area

Bottom: Bar Elevations
Top Elevation features back bar storage
Bottom Elevation features bar, bar stools and pendant clusters
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Top: Elevation looking into the dining area
Dining Area Features:
*Three Dimensional Banquet Back Wall
*Fish Tank Focal Point
*Wall Mural Decals
*Henna Painted Columns
*Sunken Pillow Pitt

Picture Cluster Shows:
*Pendants that hang over booth seating
*Table top lighting
*Fish Tank
*Front Doors of Jinn

Bottom: Elevation Facing Jinn Doors and Window Wall
Booth Seating Elevation Features:
*Waiting area with Tet-a-tet
*Hostess stand
*Front Doors
*Booth Seating

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