Sneaker Politics New Era "Vineprint" - This is probably my favorite New Era design so far. This has a tonal screenprint over the entire hat with a seamless pattern. It's intricate but simple. When light is not shining directly on it, the pattern all but disappears.
JETS International New Era - I designed this New Era hat for Sneaker Politics and JETS International. JETS is the group founded by international rap phenom, Curren$y. He was just seen hosting "Sucka Free Countdown" on MTV2. Dame Dash was seen wearing the black on black version.
Sneaker Politics New Era - I designed this for Sneaker Politics. The hat has been worn by Bun B, among others.
Sneaker Politics New Era "Throwback" - Sneaker Politics hired me to design this "throwback" New Era. Available for sale soon.
Sneaker Politics New Era "LA" - This was a classic colorway (1 of 3) that was designed for Sneaker Politics. Bun B was seen wearing this hat in a number of music videos.
Sneaker Politics New Era "Petey the Pelican" - This was a collaboration with a local Louisiana artist, Derrive. More will be coming from Petey.
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Sneaker Politics New Era "The Flats" - I designed these three hats to honor Louisiana and it's flat terrain. Lafayette, LA is known as "The Flats".
Sneaker Politics "Vineprint" belt - I designed these belts using the Vineprint pattern I created for the New Era Hat. Perfect match.
Superman Shirt - This was a shirt designed for Electronic Arts and The Orlando Magic. The shirt was specifically designed for Nate "Superman" Washington.
Air Yeezy T-Shirt - I designed this shirt to go right along with the Kanye West/Nike "Air Yeezy" shoe release. This shoe ended up on everyone from Lil' Wayne to Lupe Fiasco. The t-shirts glow-in-the-dark. They sold out within days.
Tagur Custom Shoe - For the launch of Tagur, I was given the opportunity to design a custom shoe. This one is hand painted.
Custom Puma RS100 - Puma and The Freshness Mag asked me to design a pair of Pumas for a contest, I ended up winning.
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Heir "Classic" Hat Design
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Heir "Fastback" Design
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Heir Hat Color Samples - Here I was just playing around with colors and styles.
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Kings Amongst Men Clothing Idea
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Kings Amongst Men Clothing Design
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Hello Minor Print - This is the original sketch for a print I want to finish for Hello Minor, one of my favorite brands.
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OHJ "Bite the Hand That Feeds"
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The Cool Kids - I designed this t-shirt for the Cool Kids. I love it.
Everybody Nose - I like this funky little piece.

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