As an Industrial Designer I'm often asked what that profession involves. I give the usual spiel of "aesthetic design", "function vs form", and of how awesome and popular 3D printing is right now. But in that brief conversation I rarely get to explain my passions in detail. I love making things. Making and retrofitting solutions and creative ideas that just make sense and work, and as a bonus; look amazing. Few things satisfy me more than the honesty of exposed materials, solid tactile feedback on moving parts, and tight tolerances. There's something very wholesome and fulfilling about converting a thought and idea into a very real and working object. I'm dedicated and serious about my craft, get a thrill from demolishing deadlines and love revisiting previously finished items for further improvement. I enjoy teaching practical model making skills, hanging out in the workshop, providing consult for projects big and small, and conceptualizing impossible ideas with my colleagues. I regularly compete in wood-chopping competitions, fitness training, attend live music events and can devour a good book within a few days. I am always keen to pour my energy into new projects.

Experience & Education