Promotional ad for’s “Million Miles Between Us” sweepstakes. (CD/AD/D)
BruntPartners - Web site design for BruntPartners. (CD/AD/D)
Boy Scouts of America - A special Parade magazine ad with a
photo-mosaic of actual scout leaders and volunteers for the 90th Anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America. (CD/AD/D)
DDB Dallas - A letterform design for DDB’s 2002 Habitat for Humanity work day sweatshirt. (CD/D)
Pizza Hut/WingStreet - Customizable Pizza Hut/WingStreet FSI for the announcement of new single-location stores. (CD/AD/D)
DDB Dallas - A different approach at landing new business from the Home Depot by DDB Dallas. (CD)
Ponderosa Steakhouses - Promotional in-store and out-of-store materials (3 of 10) announcing the new “Spread” buffet at Ponderosa (and Bonanza) Steakhouses. (CD/AD/D)
TracyLocke - Web site design for TracyLocke, the oldest advertising agency in the Southwest. (CD)
Blockbuster - Reloadable holiday “clapper” card for Blockbuster. (CD/AD/D)
Tabasco - A subtle BzzGuide for Tabasco’s not-so-subtle Sweet & Spicy Pepper Sauce. (CD/AD/D)

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