am an industrial designer, Graduate from the University of Karachi. Never wanted to be a doctor, engineer, accountant etc. I always thought all Art was a mere hobby,so i carried on with it.Born in the late 80's, it was great, Not too early, Not too late. Glad i have grown to see evolution of products. Started expressing my self with the pen,sketching, Cant forget Ms Paint. I was into writing, I used to read them out fast, I came across rap after two to three years of doing this. I was overwhelmed and went deep into it. I also knew then, that i did for myself. i was fond of doodling, Writing quotes and short stories.
I always wished to extract whats on paper for it to be felt, occupies space, with noticeable volume. An observation around the age of 16 and onwards.
I liked Physics, I liked Biology, I wanted to know how stuff works.Coming back to my birthplace, Karachi was timely. I felt the freedom, I felt life getting realer. Was always the average student. Dint seem to have a passion for any of the regular jobs any of my uncles or aunts did. One bright day, Every ones concerned about what i want to do, I was clueless, until they asked me what do i really do, I told them all, i draw, i sketch, i ms paint. i just was not confident about it. since it was just self taught and self exploration. A textile designer was then scheduled to pick me up in the evening, We had a nice conversation over coffee and drove about some Art Schools. I knew then, This is the only thing i can do. There it was, Design/Art !! A lifetime to it. I got admission in the Department of Visual Studies, UoK. It just allowed me to constantly explore, feed my inquisitive nature. Subjects like philosophy,design , art history is all i needed, Academics was so much better. I came across a new phenomenon around the time of 2004, Tele-marketing, A different world of call centers, Great pocket money for the next 5 years. Life's had its ups and downs, and they all happen for a reason, every step is a lesson. I once drew cars aimlessly, And just recently, i graduated presenting a Trike, scoring an A grade. Never had a clue i'd be where i am,today. Greetings

Visual Studies Department, Karachi Univiersity