I am currently looking for a fast paced, highly creative consultancy. I have reached a stage in my career where I feel that I am able to join a multidisciplinary team of talented people and be able to contribute with ideas and strategies for clients, in order to help them move forward in their business, and be on the forefront of development. I do not believe that investing in a project or idea that has already bore fruit is a good solution, instead I believe that companies and brands should be given the opportunity to invest in the future, to step ahead and look forward, and that is what I would like to be a part of.


H. M. in glue packaging for Henkel Choosen "Bicycle Besspoke" gallery show H.M. in Cheese packaging competition 1st "Bombay Sapphire Design a Glass" 2nd "Nokia 4th generation mobile phone" 2nd Electrolux Global Design. Selected "Barbosa & Almeida Wine Bottle Design" exhibition

Experience & Education