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A digital painting of the beautiful Lady Morgana http://threnodyinvelvet.com/, tried out a new stylized approach in digital painting with this one, reduced and yet bold. Photoshop CS6, 6 hours, Wacom Cintiq.
Find some steps of the development on my tumblr-sketchbook here:
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This is a personal piece I did for my portfolio and as screencast to record my process: http://youtu.be/smC3e0xWSQk.
I had to do something with the photograph but wasn´t sure what, so I found it would be useful to catch up on the Android/Cyborg topic and explain visually what I did in the written tutorials which you can find in "Advanced Photoshop Magazine" & "der bildbearbeiter".

The tutorials, (a free one can be found here: http://ow.ly/h2jDN) are quite sophisticated but the technique is quite simple as the video shows.

Model from Depositphotos @Viorel Sima
Background from Media-Militia www.mediamilitia.com
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Best Friends forever - A girl and her tentaculous friend.
This was another study based on a reference photograph (licensed from istockphoto) and in a way a tribute to my friend Serge Birault, whose best friends are also tentacles (what a coincidence:)

Actually I wanted to build the tentacle with Sculptris but ended up realizng that it is easier done painting directly in PS.
Had a fun time painting this, the tentacle is painted from scratch, the lighting and lower part of the girl is completely constructed upon the base and painted all over matching the realistic / comic style painting look.

Print available: http://www.deviantart.com/print/29044778/?
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Guitar hero
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In ancient mythology the crow is the guardian of ceremonial magic and healing.
Crows are the bringer of messages from the spiritual world, which otherwise would have to
dwell beyond the realms of time and space.
"One who has the honor of having a Crow fly by her side, is an individual who has the Role of carrying souls lost in pain, denial, bitterness or ill intent, into the light of forgiveness and self-awareness."

Another collaborative work for my "Fantasio -girls" portfolio.

Model is the beautiful Seffana: http://seffana.deviantart.com
Reference Photograph from Pascal Abadie: http://devabadie-photo.deviantart.com
Brushes and painting technique acquired from http://adonihs.deviantart.com
Some Ornaments and stock resources i used for reference:
http://IanGray.deviantart.com, http://sergeypoluse.deviantart.com

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The poisened apple
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A collaboration with photographer Louis Konstantinou & my Fantasio girls Portfolio!

Inspired by the -Amalgamate- work of Michael Oswald http://michaelo.deviantart.com and the movie Tron legacy, I found the pose of the model Gianna perfectly fitting to illustrate some kind of augmented reality in a Tron -colored - environment. I always wanted to do some Android kind of painting.

The title Android Legacy contains some subject to think about as also the google-screen she seems to be typing on: The electronical powers that surrounds are useful and lead to an advanced lifestyle, but makes us also slaves to the technology. This image does pretty much show that we can be sophisticated and perfect as we want to, but depending on a search engine because we forget so much.

And no: its NOT Lady Gaga, please read the credits!

Technique digital painting / Photoshop CS5 / 20 hrs.
Photography by Louis Konstantinou: http://louiskonstantinou.com
Model: Gianna Vlachou
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Celebrating my 101 blog posts with this work.
The title reflects best what this blog means to me, there are so many thoughts and getting them straight in line is very important. Constant reflections, self-therapy and the enduring battle to climb the ladder step by step, all this in 61,412 words...you name it.

The work itself didn´t has a deeper meaning except that it is some sort of self-reflection of how I feel sometimes, a mystical creature trapped in this time.

Btw. you can find a wallpaper version of the image on my blog , hint, hint:)

Hope you like.

Stock credits: istockphoto / Egorr
Horns done in Sculptris, various custom Brushes for the background
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The full image of corpus Delicti, a personal work with a personal story. Inspired by Max Sauco and Joel Peter Witkin.
With this image I finally tried to incorporate the sculpture (the head was done in Sculptris and rendered in Cheetah 3d) with photo manipulation and digital painting techniques.

The hypothetical play with the title should provoke some thoughts about "what is the "piece of evidence" in the image, or better said if there was a crime, who´s the delinquent?

I wish you a nice time to find that out;)

P.S. that is not chalk on the floor ;)

Close up here:

Print available and bigger image for details here:

Stock credits:
Model: Istockphoto - Cevdet Gokhan Palas
Room: http://AnneWillems.deviantart.com
Present: http://ravenarcana.deviantart.com
Lightbulb http://doesnotexist.deviantart.com
& personal stock and brushes
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Inspired by Neko anime characters. I wanted to get the mixture between human and animal quite right, which was a very sophisticated task, especially considering to have her look sexy. Various reference images from human and animal anatomy were used to create this digital painting.
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Sorry for the gap in updates, here´s a new and shiny collaboration piece for a "fantasio girl"

With tongue in cheek" a tribute to my fellow pinup buddy Serge Birault aka *PapaNinja, and a small birthday present to the "master of tentacle disaster" H.P.Lovecraft (You´ll understand if you get the details on the book in the wallpaper version, soon...
The outfit / cloth are inspired by Zatanna.

Like Serge, I have a passion for Hajime Sorayama´s work and so I paid tribute with a lot hours to perfectly polish the legs and her outfit.

Wallpaper available too:

More from the Spellbound realms:

Model is Sayuri: [http://www.deviantart.com/users/outgoing?http://www.facebook.com/sSAYURI]
Photographer: Tancrède Szekely (afaik) [http://www.myspace.com/tancredeszekely]
Some brushes used from http://redheadstock.deviantart.com/ for the symbols on the book.

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