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Balance/to just be.This ying yang is about the state of everything.Everything that needs to be itself to allow everything else to be themselves.It represents a point zero in attitude,which means respect for everything for what they are,so that you can gain the respect for what you chose to be.The survival of light in darkest times a struggle to keep your own when all darkness seem to confuse you and consume you & the survival of darkness in times of prosperity & sweetness.If we think that our evolution lies on going thru all of these experiences,then we should be thankful for all the challenges and all our respectable enemies in life,because they give us more the reason to be ourselves.Nothing becomes your enemy,you kind of construct a fight club,just to practice with each other to gain strength for your own ideology's survival.Everything plays their role in becoming wiser and more tolerant through the hard decisions made.We learn these things but i just want my jungles and my tribe...
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Shield - 3d model of the shield i have been imagining lately.
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LOTR Orc 3d - This was created from a plane. +- 4 hours,
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Invasion - click on magnifier tool to view original size (4000 pixels wide)
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face - After long hours of deadline work, i started this to escape polylines and straight surfaces..whenever i have a gap i will build him up. so far its an hour of sculptris and 20 min. php. thinking of an alien priest. in the model he is a kind being, however when added a bit of lights and glowing eyes his impression changes to be a little, dark
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''RAWR !'' vector work. if you want to see the full size pdf , pls click on the magnifier button.
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open the door ! it's me Mittens !
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Dragon bust 3d - this one is a keeper
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Alien plant species
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just a visual for my company

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