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OLED mobile cover concept (2007)

A digital mobile cover from a thin transparent material of Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) without the need of a backlight.
The data (images) can be changed many times through a computer connection.
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Sticker campaign about privacy on deleted computer files. (Guerrilla marketing)

Placing these semi transparent stickers on places like seen on the image will make people will think they found or dropped their or someone else's (any important) card and will try to pick it up. While trying to do so they will see and read a short text saying ''Leave No Traces" and something about cleaning your hard disk.
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Concept Recycle bin and Private data.
The idea is to use a large sticker on trash bins outside to make people think about the 'recycle bin' and deleted private data on computers.

In short the text on the trash bin:
Trash bin empty? Hard disk NOT!
Clean your hard disk properly! "example website for free software"
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Digital OLED newspaper

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