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2016 FBCZ logo refresh - Pastor decided he wanted colors that were a bit more "modern" and we've been tilting the logo for a while in designs. He also chose new fonts and re-worded the text for the logo.

Adobe Illustrator CC. Mac OS. 2016
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Updated/Modernized Logo for First Baptist (2015)
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"The Student Ministry" new logo 2016

Font: Century Gothic
Illustrator CC. Mac OS. 2016.
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First Baptist Zachary, LA Logo - FBCZ was looking for an updated, more modern, "but still traditional" feel to their logo. Font's included are Rage Italic and Candara. File was originally created in Adobe Illustrator (2010).
"mondays for the MASTER" logo - Font: Neuropol
Applications: Illustrator and Photoshop
Windows 7 OS
Camp Mpact 2014 - created in Illustrator for Summer Camp.
Bayou Buddies FBCZ Preschool Ministry Logo
This is the result after days of sketching. Their requirements were to include an alligator and the copy. The area the kids meet in has a privacy fence so that was included too.
Created in Illustrator - texture was added in Photoshop (Oct 2012).
Created with the new nursery area decor in mind. (Illustrator)
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Singin' Beez - This logo was created for a small group of talented children. They chose the group name and let me run with the idea. The microphone is just stock art but the bees are from some of my original brainstorm sketches. The file was created in Illustrator. The name of the font I used here is Nueva STD.
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Lions and Lambs Children's Choirs - This logo was created for the music minister's Children's choirs. Generally speaking, I design a new logo "look" for each music program they do. I did a lot of sketching to get a lion and lamb that looked like it'd work for the logo. File was created in Illustrator. Fonts utilized are Janis and Braddon.
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Lions and Lambs "Under God's Sea in 3D" - Title of their program in May 2010 was "Under God's Sea in 3D". I revised the logo to reflect the ideas represented in the program.
File was created in Illustrator. Font utilized is called Janis.
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Lions and Lambs go "Back to the Manger" - This is another example of the customization of the logo characters for specific musical programs the kids do each season. The Christmas program they did in 2010 was called "Back to the Manger" and was basically a musical journey through time. The one that stuck with me was the disco song, thus the disco garb for the characters. Again, the logo was created in Illustrator. Font used is called Janis.
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The Church Has Left the Building - In June of 2010 FBCZ had a community outreach program that touched several parts of the community through grocery outreaches, community soccer camps, neighborhood day camps, construction projects and the like. This is the logo I created for that. File was created in Illustrator. Font used is Niagara Solid.

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