Highly skilled Art Center designer, looking for freelance/contract or full-time Design work. Who wants a Design of The Year? Not kidding. I believe we can do it together. Feedback is required to attain the best results. I graduated in at least the top three of my class with a 3.5 GPA. Experience with contracting and getting you what you need. I'm ready to kick my design career into high gear! Let's GO!!!

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Jack Waller 6847 Newcombe St. Arvada, Colorado 80004 home (303)233-2782 please leave message. cell (303)330-9084 e-mail: JackWallerDesign@msn.com Objective: Industrial Designer position or Freelance Contract work involving the conceptualization and development of ideas for production consideration, within a team-oriented work environment. Qualifications: -New Concept Development -Concept Refinement and Evolution -Solution Exploration Capabilities -Sketching and Rendering Skills -Team Work Compatible -Alias/Maya Computer Modeling -Clay/Foam and Hard Modeling Skills Achievements: I received the contract to design the Interior and Exterior of the second generation Monorail for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in October of 2006. Based upon their currently running first generation model, I delivered over twenty black and white sketches in the initial development of a new direction for the Gen2 Monorail. The new version is intended for export marketability in places such as South Korea and Dubai, as well as locally in Malaysia. I had the pleasure of personally delivering ten color Interior and Exterior sketches and a presentation to approximately twenty representatives of the monorail builder, MTrans (now Scomi), in Kuala Lumpur. The concept was well received and is currently in prototype development. Sony Playstation Game Development with Idol Minds,LLC in Boulder, Colorado for two years (9/98-9/00). Concept Development for games through sketching. Developed Nagano, Japan Half-Pipe for Coolboarders4(PS1). Park-pipe concept incorporated park elements such as rail slides, table-top jumps, and Bauer boxes. Modeled, Textured and fine tuned entire course with Alias Power Animator. Did initial Concept Development work for game that eventually became "My Street". Honda sponsored project for senior assignment involved the conceptualization of a vehicle for generation X-ers, based on some research provided by Honda and some polling of its members with a questionaire of my own. Confirmed the need for an all-purpose, dependable vehicle, filled with excitement. Developed a vehicle that would be useful in both aspects of life: Work and Play. An off-road capable sports sedan with a trunk and rear seat that converts to near pickup hauling capacity, useful for recreational vehicles (i.e. mountain bikes, motorcycle, small personal watercraft) or work loads. Earily similar to products entering the market years later such as the Chevrolet Avalanche and Pontiac Aztec. Received Internship with Teague & Associates in Redmond, Washington after my fifth term at Art Center (9/94). Was placed at Boeing's Renton 737 facility where I worked on an interior door trim detail and was then transferred to Boeing's Technology & Product Development division where I developed an entirely new architecture for a supersonic plane under study. Conceived a cost-efficient sidewall system that would follow the non-constant shape of the fuselage, including new storage bin shapes, lighting and personal service units. Presented the concept to Boeing Management by demonstrating sketches and renderings accompanied by a full-scale mock-up out of Foam core and Spandex materials. Ford sponsored projects such as a Mustang 2000 Concept for fifth term and a Lincoln Limousine project for seventh term. Worked under direction of a Mustang Studio director on a Mustang concept that was realized in a fifth-scale clay model and was later converted to fiberglass for my senior show. Worked on a three phase project involving the updating of the fascias of the Lincoln Town Car, re-body concepts for that chassis, and an all new approach to limousine design realized in Alias. Fourth term Television project where we were challenged to repackage a TV that would sell in one of Melrose Avenue's trendy modern furniture stores for $1500.00. I used a 9" color RCA TV and re-packaged it in a Lunar-Lander influenced configuration that seems to say something about the invasion of technology. Called Xenos, it is composed of thirty-something HeliArc welded pieces of 6061 aircraft aluminum that question mark around the TV tube leading to a three-legged base with oil-filled RC car shock absorbers for feet. I received an "A" for the course and my working instructor commented on my ability to sketch decisively. Personal Interests: Vehicles of all types including; Snowmobiles, Watercraft, Mountain Bikes, Motorcycles, Vintage/Future Volkswagens, and Hot Rods. Science Fiction, Comics, Modern Furniture/Architecture, Design, Music, Snow/Skate/Wakeboarding, and Guitar.


Art Center College of Design/University of Colorado-Boulder and Denver



Designed Generation 2 Monorail for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia- Aug.-Dec. 2006 Designed, built, and tested Nagano, Japan halfpipe for CoolBoraders4 (PS1) Graduated from Art Center Transportation program with 3.5 GPA, in the top three of my class.