WANTED - A Sci-fi Western
Conquest of an Empire - An after effects movie placing emphasis on the emotion of war.
Rileys/ 33 - Flash animations,
Riley's: an animation describing the color wheel and also an actual bar I used to work at.

33: Smashing Pumpkins lyrics.
Gelsom domingas de silva - A Short comic animation of real life footage of a camera man that lost his life while filming a gun fight between drug dealers and police in the favelas.
Bad Dream
Hairy Toe - A stop motion about the folk tale of a gaints toe, it is found by an elderly woman. she eats it and then the giant comes looking for his toe
Line - A simple 120 frames of the cycle of life
Untitled - As i go to purchase junk from a vending machine, fruit chases me down and corners me!

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