I hold a BA in Industrial Design, Cert in CAD/CAM and have been working in the Engineering Field for over 12 years. During this I have acquired extensive experience in multiple 2D/3D platforms including Autocad, Solidworks, Pro-E, CadKey, Rhino and 3DS Max, Inventor. My specialty is in tooling, fixture and equipment design with focus on high precision parts utilizing GD&T. Other services I offer include Industrial and product design. Over the years I've worked very closely with Engineers, managers, and private clients to bring a vast array of ideas to life. Projects have ranged from one-off precision centrifugal test fixtures to simple parts designed for mass production. More recently I have been designing and fabricating custom props for event staging/live performance. In my off time I can be found either artistically sculpting metal (mainly sheet), under a classic car, or involved in the community through my studio (Frank's Kitchens) at events in Philadelphia such as KKSD (Kensington Kintetic Sculpture Derby). My specialties include: 3d modeling, Solidworks, Pro-E, Rhino, Autocad, CadKey, GD&T practices, Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Acrobat, Sketch Book Pro MS Office, MS Project, Mold Making, Prototyping, Sketching, 3D Printer operation Welding (GMAW (Mig), GTAW (Tig), FCAW (Flux core), OFW (Oxy/Ace), SMAW (Arc)) Advanced sheet metal shaping techniques Advanced metal fabrication (Ferrous and non Ferrous) Advanced wood fabrication tequniques Turning center and Lathe Operation Short Run Production and Prototype specialist Blue print reading and layout


Art Institute of Philadelphia (AiPH): Best of Quarter - Product Design II , Best of Quarter - Effects Design I , Best of Quarter - Mechanical Drawing, Best of Quarter - Fabrication Techniques, Best of Quarter - 3D Design Gloucester County Institute of Technology - Top in Shop Award (Feb 2002)


AiPH Student IDSA; PEX (Philadelphia Experiment); Frank's Kitchens

Experience & Education