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The flourishes, large eyes, and brass knuckle elements were provided.
I scaled down and redrew the large eyeballs twice, once for the medium eyes and again for the small eyes clustered around the center.
Then I rearranged all items multiple times off of one another until optimally spaced. Each quadrant was rotated and realigned until perfect.
The chain border symbolizes an oppressive force. The broken links represent breaking away or rebellion.
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Various elements done in 12’s and 24’s. This represents the number of points in a starcrest’s interior and exterior.
Solid dots intersect to highlight F. O. S. T. E. R. Reebok founder’s last name. Marked with yellow radiating lines.
Broken chain links point to J. O. E. & J. E. F. F. J.W. Fosters grandson’s. Joe is outlined in orange and Jeff in red.

Elements inspired by street culture.
Aesthetics & hidden details inspired by the dollar bill.
1895 - Displayed in the 4 corners. Year Reebok was founded.
Perimeter Latin writing spells out Always Classic, Reebok Established 1895, I am Classic, Fortune Favors the Bold, Classic or Nothing, Always Classic from Feet to Head.

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