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The Dome O' Doom Mk 24B flamethrower vehicle in operation, 2009 - The Dome O' Doom was designed and built to compete in the 1988 Mattel Terminator Competitions. Limited to road flares, Sterno and charcoal lighter fluid as ignition and fuel sources, the Dome was designed as the ultimate stand-off weapon, utilizing pressurized charcoal lighter fluid and an advanced (surplus) aerospace pump.

The Dome was undefeated in two Terminator competitions (one heat was won in only 28 seconds), and is one of the very few surviving (and operational) Terminator vehicles.
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Do ya feel lucky? Do ya? - Front view showing the twin flamethrower tubes and the dual wick ignition systems. By fine-tuning the spray pattern of the twin brass atomizer nozzles, an effective 10 to 15 foot long flame-front could be projected. Fuel would last about 75 seconds.

The slight buckling evident on the front of the Dome was caused by heat from continuous operation of the flamethrowers during its contests.

The nozzles on top of the dome were for a fire extinguishing sprinkler system, which was never needed.
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The Dome in video action...

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