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Liv doll mechanism--working drawings - Drawings made during the design of the prototype Liv doll animation mechanism.
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Scoot So Cute/Crawling Doll mechanism design - Working drawings for Scoot So Cute Doll animation mechanism, showing internal arrangements, the servo drive, and the stretchable body design.

There were several layers of the drawing, separating the various parts of the mechanisms, but that won't work when posting work here, so it looks pretty confusing with all the layers active.

The parts drawings on the right are for fabrication purposes.
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Working drawing of mechanism - Working drawing of doll mechanism for a production doll--I believe it was the Ballerina Barbie.
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Air Ball Fan Mechanism layout (pencil sketch on paper) - Mechanical design of the fan assembly and exhaust housing for the Harry Potter Levitating Ball Challenge game in the Mechanisms set.
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Gearbox design for solar tracker - Quick CAD sketch of the array slew gearbox of the solar tracking array in Alternative Energy Projects. A surplus die-cast 12VDC gearbox was used as the starting point, and was geared down by 4X to reduce its output speed and increase torque.

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