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  • Alex Hodge

    About Me

    Dunedin, New Zealand

I hold a degree in Product Design, and am seeking full time or freelance work. My expertise lie with design, 3D modeling and rendering, animation, and all forms of digital media. For more examples of my work, or more information, visit www.hodge.co.nz

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Work History

I was born in Auckland, New Zealand, and moved to Dunedin 12 years later, where I currently reside. My success in Graphics and Technical drawing thoughout high school gave me the opportunity to complete a 3 day introduction course in using Computer Aided Design programs at Otago Polytechnic, which is where my interest in CAD software began. I wanted to further my skills with CAD, so completed several months of full time work experience for a local architectural firm. During my time there I learnt several skills including drafting house elevations and plans using AutoCAD. During my final year at High School I commenced part time employment at Bremca Otago, A local manufacturer of industrial switchboards for which I complete electrical schematics and cabinet layouts using AutoCAD for commercial use. I completed all High School qualifications, with a B+ average in Bursary (University Entrance), and an A+ in Graphics and Technical drawing. Currently I have graduated with my degree in product design, and continue to work as an electrical draftsman for Bremca Otago part time until I can find employment in my chosen field. I have a passion for design and CAD visualisation, and intend on turning my passion into a career.


Otago Polytechnic