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Maggs Carter (Teenage Protagonist) - Pen and Marker initial concept. Typical, awkward, slightly homely, and completely eccentric teenage girl.

Gwendolyn Carter - Pen and Marker Initial Concept.
"Mother" to Maggs. Mrs. Carter is a difficult woman, to say the least. Although she fawns over and coddles her two young sons, she is unexplainably ill-disposed towards her odd teenage daughter. She is short in stature, harsh and completely disagreeable.

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Mr. David Carter - Initial Mustache and Hair Concept

Maggs Father and confident.
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Evgen Omorphous - Pen and Marker initial concept
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Evgen Omorphous - Advanced Anatomical Concept Sketches.
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The Scribe - Comic Book Illustration

"His ripened skin was the color of bad yogurt and though it was stretched tightly over his knobby head, it lay in thick folds on either side of his bulbous, potato-like nose."
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Persivilius III - Photoshop. High Gnome and dragon slayer extraordinaire.

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