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Maggs Carter (Teenage Protagonist) - Pen and Marker initial concept. Typical, awkward, slightly homely, and completely eccentric teenage girl.

Gwendolyn Carter - Pen and Marker Initial Concept.
"Mother" to Maggs. Mrs. Carter is a difficult woman, to say the least. Although she fawns over and coddles her two young sons, she is unexplainably ill-disposed towards her odd teenage daughter. She is short in stature, harsh and completely disagreeable.

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Mr. David Carter - Initial Mustache and Hair Concept

Maggs Father and confident.
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Evgen Omorphous - Pen and Marker initial concept
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Evgen Omorphous - Advanced Anatomical Concept Sketches.
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Persivilius III - Photoshop. High Gnome and dragon slayer extraordinaire.

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