Typhoon Street Car - This project started out as a special interest pencil sketch during my free time. Each time a sketch was finished, I would anylize it and try to make it better. After a year of sitting hidden in a folder, I found the sketches once again and decided to finish the project to the best of my ability. Although not formerly educated in automobile design, this project became an outlet for a dream, which is to one day design and build my own personal sports car. The final rendering is in Photoshop.
Sustainable Desk Fan - The objective for this project was to create a sustainable desk fan. I chose to make this fan free of any hardware fasteners to speed up manufacturing. I achieved this by making the fan housing lock together with pins and recieving holes which are part of the molded plastic. The base is woven spandex and is collaspable for less packaging bulk. This is achieved by using two sets of the plastic rings shown at the lower left(one pair shown) which the fabric is wraped around clipped in eliminating timely sewing. The consumer can then stretch the two ends of the base apart and insert the one end of the included metal support rod into the base ring center and the top ring center and the stucture is ready to support the Orbital Desk Fan.
Cascade Light - Spring semester junior year. My inspiration was the effect of light on a surface. Here I wanted to hide the light source and show off the effect of the surface recieving the light. I chose use Flourescent Acrlyic which is almost clear but when lighted the edges glow brightly. The intention was to make the object appear to be floating panes of glass. The pendants are made of turned aluminum and house 35 watt MR-16 bulbs. The chandelier has 27 total panes, the largest being 10" in dia and the smallest 2". It has polished aluminum spaces between each pane to tie in with the pendants. It looks great glowing over a diner table or as accent lighting for your home. The image at top left is a postcard created for a professional practice class, which was made in Illustrator.

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