Crescendo - Flashlight designed for Members of Public Service- police/EMT

There are 2 power switches. On the tail cap with capabilities for controlled blink or steady on. On the barrel is a 3 way- red, green and white. Red for stealth night vision, green for emergency activity (it allows for color recognition and prevents night blindness) and ultra bright white.

The elliptical shape creates an elliptical beam of light which matches the human peripheral vision to increase accuracy and awareness.
Crescendo - Form is ergonomic for many hand sizes. The cut away grip helps hold light securely in 'cigar hold' while also holding a gun.

Branding is incorporated into the grip both the name and logo (which is also the full shape of the grip)

ESP- External Sensory Projection - This wearable device is designed for the Deaf-Blind population. It is worn on the 'reading' finger and translates the spoken word into small electrical pulses in the pad. These pulses scroll across the finger to simulate the brailling process.
Book Lamp - Low Voltage Lamp combined book stand.
Organize your desk in style, enjoy the ambient light and keep your favorite books in easy reach.
Nutra - Electronic hand held RFID/WiFi dietary aid. Works with online account to help monitor food purchases and consumption. Alerts user to allergies, medication conflicts, temporary food avoidance (pregnancy) and rates allowable foods in visual- easy to understand scales to help user make better - healthier choices for themselves.

Above: the different readings are shown for 4 users. Left to right-- Parkinson's disease, pregnancy, allergy and Average Joe.
Duet Couples Couch - Couch designed with couples in mind. Exploration in 2D + 3D forms.
Duet Couples Couch - Final direction has a raised and lowered section. This makes lying on ones lap more comfortable for both individuals. And, If the person laying down falls asleep- blankets and ottoman are in reach with the convenient storage beneath the couch. Also allows for easy cleaning below couch.

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