feel very delighted and excited in introducing myself… About Me: To begin with, I have been an enthusiastic and highly ambitious guy since my childhood days. When other boys were busy playing around, I was illustrating my best of imagination and creativity on the paper. Being a "last-bencher" was always my first choice so as to get some extra space for drawing and painting away from my teacher’s eye. Born and brought up in ‘Dilli - hindustan ka dil’, I was very good at observing and imitating at a young age. This hidden talent of mine further helped me in innovating cartoon designs as well as caricatures that later became my biggest strength as I grew up. After passing the Higher Secondary Examination, I started my fist job as a DTP Operator typing resumes for others. While my boss was constantly asking me to increase my typing speed from 40 to 90 wpm, I was exploring the opportunities to spread my wings of creativity in the competitive professional world of Arts/Illustrations. With the blessings and best wishes of my mentor, Mr. Suresh Digwal, I joined one of the most renowned publication house Thomson Digital as an ‘Illustrator’. And then began my career as a professional artist, it was a major turning point of my life. During my two years of association with the publication giant, I gained immense knowledge and came across number of experienced professionals who inspired me to take my passion to another level. Sometimes, it was even hard to put across my point as few high headed people were yet not ready to accept the presence of a young soul amongst them. Whenever I was upset with all the political drama in office, a new artwork of mine was born at home…! While being deeply engaged in brush strokes and color pallets, my commerce graduation was giving me a tough time. Knowing that it is not my cup of tea, balancing myself between the sheets with Debits and Credits was more than a nightmare. Then, I dropped my Graduation degree and continued with my job as an Illustrator. Apart from doing office work, I have also managed to give ample time to my personal work and come up with a vast portfolio of illustrations, caricatures, cartoons, and more. Two years back, I commenced my Graduation again in Multimedia & Animations and doing pretty well in it.

Experience & Education