I am an outgoing individual that possesses leadership skills, team-cooperation skills, and a true passion for design. I am a dedicated individual who obsesses over products and typically will not put something down until it is finished. I work well in a team environment but also excel as a one man design team/product design consultant. In my spare time, I enjoy playing ice hockey and snowboarding.

Work Samples

  • The Ste-EZ Rack

  • The Water-Powered Speaker Gloves

Work History

  • Chief Designer, Product Design Consultant

    • Giga Solar PV
    • San Francisco, CA
    • Jan 2013 - Present (4 years 11 months)

    Lead product design and development on a product called "SolarGami" as the sole product design consultant. Job varied, as I helped with early-on product design and concepts. Work developed later and I became a full-on SolidWorks engineer of said product. Improved my mastery of SolidWorks building both for prototyping (3D Printing) and final manufacturing (injection molding and ultrasonic welding). We launched a Kickstarter campaign that ran for the majority of December 2013, which involved a multitude of designer driven elements, such as: illustrations, graphic charts and designs, logo design, prototype delivery, production photos, digital videos and renderings, and product design insight. Currently, though the Kickstarter was unsuccessful, we are developing a custom-coded website and improving our designs with the hope of lowering the price-point and getting to market without crowd funding. Though progress has slowed, I remain the sole product design consultant and SolidWorks engineer.

  • Chief Designer, Creative Director, COO, Owner

    As co-founder of DeZION Colorado LLC, I've been in charge of everything "design" for the last few years. DeZION Colorado, a company that designs and manufactures ergonomic stylus cases for the Apple iPad, is still in a developmental stage but on the cusp of bringing the Creation Station to market. The company was born while I was still in Design School as a side-project. We ran a kickstarter campaign in March and April 2013, and though we did not hit our goal, we gained all necessary insight to bootstrap and start the company on our own accord. We are patent pending and excited for the next step. We've just recently completed our custom coded website, which really makes the buying process fun and interactive when building a custom decal Creation Station (over 100 options). We are minor steps away from having poured products ready for the consumer off of our website and a couple local distribution channels. The everyday involvement and relentless dedication has made me into the designer I am today and given me confidence in knowing what all it takes to get a product to market.


  • The Art Institute of Colorado

    • BA Design and Technical Graphics
    • 2010 - 2012

    Design and Technical Graphics is a "newer" more refined term for Industrial Design. As one of the first students (third) to complete said degree, early on in my education I was exposed to the entirety of fabrication techniques and am fully shop qualified. In this sense I got the best of both worlds! Design and Technical Graphics spends more time giving exposure to graphic design programs, 3D printing, and illustration. The focus moves from fabrication of the design to the design element itself, as 3D printing and rapid prototyping have progressed to the point where "professional fabricators" are no longer needed. Being a Design and Technical Graphics major has made me a jack of all trades, perfectly confident in my abilities to be a one-man-design team.





National Merit Winner 2012- Art Institute of Colorado representative in 2012 Western Design Conference's National Merit Contest