Pricing Guide
Sales Slick
School Administrator Magazine Ad
Ed Week Ad
Camden NJ Schools Case Study
American Muscle Catalog
Hyland Graphics Logo Projects
U.S. News & World Report Magazine Full Page Ad - A full page ad that is featured each month on the last page of U.S. New & World Report.
NASFAA Magazine Half Page Ad - A print Ad for the national magazine NASFAA (National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators) directing them to our Need Access services.
Variable Data Direct Mail Postcard - A postcard that uses variable data areas to insert personal customer information such as city, state and first & last name. Worked closely with print vendors to execute the project.
Webinar Direct Mailer - A direct mail postcard letting customers know about upcoming webinars. This is the first in a series of three.
Monthly Billing Insert/Buckslip - One of our monthly billing inserts added to our mailing directing customers on how to sign up for money saving programs.
Law Loan Rack Card - A rack card that was produced for recruiter event and booth displays.
Loan Flier - A flier instructing students on how to handle the payments on their Graduate PLUS Loans after graduation.
Informational Flier w/ Removable Stickers - An informational flier urging students to save money and look at their finances. This piece is actually a sticker sheet with small decals to place on their credit cards to remind them of their spending.
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Thank You Postcard - A postcard saying thank you to participants of a programs including a free flash drive with company logo.
Loan Application Wrap - An instructional wrap used to hold, in this case, a Stafford Loan application.
Application Design - An application designed for print and web for the International Student Loan Program. I worked with origination's, marketing IT and copywriters to complete the design.
Franchise Owners Launch Flier & Direction Sheet - A flier directing franchise owners about the launch of a new program. Instructions of when the program will start, what items will be provided and instructions on distribution of the items are included.
SuperFoodsRx Flier and Coupon Sheet - A friends and family flier & coupon sheet inviting all clients to the launch of our SuperFoodsRx program.
LA Weight Loss Corp. Flier and Coupon Sheet - A flier inviting our customers to an open house with coupon offers on select products and services.
LA Weight Loss Open House Flier and Coupon Design - A flier inviting customers to center open houses and coupon offers for select services and products.
LA Weight Loss Corp. Recipe Cards
LA Weight Loss Corp. Managers Performance Guide
Rigg Darlington Insurance Promo Flier - A promotion flier describing the new services that Rigg Darlington Group offers to it clients.
Bridal Shower Invite
Helix Energy Drinks Press Kit
Ampro Direct Mailer
Ampro Direct Mailer
Ampro Baseball Catalog
Ampro Sports Sales Board
ROC Philly Carnival Event Poster
Disorient Bioluminescence Event Poster
Disorient Love Boat Event Poster
Escape Velocity Event Flier
Adults at Play Event Flier

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